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Going in a good direction

Hi readers. How are you? I thought I make a short blog about my race weekend in Jerez in the European Talent Cup. 

We had a long weekend ahead of us. There are 5 days of riding and 3 races in total. So I was looking forward. The free practices started good. The good lap times were mostly ridden in the mornings. But also in the afternoon when it was very hot and a bit slippery I felt quite good. The free practices were done and it was time for qualifying. 

I was focused on doing my best lap time in the morning because it was less hot than in the afternoon. I was quite happy with the qualifying. I qualified 11th, so that means row 4. I’m happy to improve in the qualifying’s, because this is a part I need to work on.  


So, now it was time for the races!


Race1: I haven’t had the best start but I still managed to stay in the top 15. At around lap 4 another rider hit me and I went out in the gravel, luckily, I didn’t crash. I dropped back to P.30 and I finished the race in 19th. While I was catching up the riders in front of me, I had a good pace.


Race2: I lost some positions during the first lap. But then I passed them again and had a good fight until the end. I finished P.12 and lost 7 seconds to the first.


Race3: I had a great start and a good first lap. I stood in the front group for almost 10 laps but then I crashed out.