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Aragón rounds

Also, at this weekend I was very happy to sign my contract for 2021 Moto3 Junior World Championship with my team. 

 I had the opportunity to test 2 days with a Moto3 KTM in Aragon!

The test days went great. I learned so many things about this bike and I really enjoyed riding it! It is so powerful. 

Just a week later we had the race in Aragon with the European Talent Cup.

The weekend was difficult for me. I was disappointed about the weekend because I knew I could do much better. I had a bad qualifying so it was difficult for me in the races.

 When it rained, I was doing great. It only rained in Q2 so it didn’t matter because it was dry in the morning. 

Also, at this weekend I was very happy to sign my contract for 2021 Moto3 Junior World Championship with my team. 


Only two weeks later we were in Aragon again for a double weekend with the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup. But in between this time, I went to a friend’s house and we trained together for a few days. It was nice to train together and having fun.  

Arrived in Aragon and ready for the weekend. I had good free practices and not a good result in the qualifying.

In both races I was riding in a group. In both races I could beat my group and catching 4 points in total. It wasn’t bad but I knew I could ride in the group in front of us. 

The week between the 2 race weekends stood in a Hotel 30 mins from the track with my mechanic. In this week I didn’t do anything special. I went running a few times and relaxed. One time I went on the circuit to have a run with my coopetitors and friends. We ran 2 laps. 



The second race weekend in Aragon started. Friday was a bad day for me. Things weren’t going how I would like. I think that I was expecting too much and wasn’t focused on what I need to do. Anyway, I reset my mind and I was ready for the races.

In race 1 I had a good start and battled in the group which was going till P.14 all the time. I have always been in the first positions of my group. Three laps remaining I made a mistake and dropped to the back of the group. I couldn’t pass the riders anymore. I wasn’t happy about the result but I was happy that I improved.

In race two I was in the same group with the same riders more or less. We fought and caught the group again which was going to P.12. In this race I was struggling to overtake other riders. I had problems in the fast corners. There I always lost time. In the short corners I could catch up again. I crossed the finish line at the back of the group.

It was a hard weekend for me but again, I learned more thing and I know on what I need to work on for the last two Valencia rounds.


Now, there are three race weekends remaining this year. All weekend will take part in Valencia. Now, this week I’ll have the last round of the European Talent Cup. I will enjoy the last races of 2020 and I will give my best!


See you all soon in my next Blog.

Noah #55

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