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Last race 2020 Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup

Hi guys. Here is another (short) blog… I wasn’t meant to do the blog so early, but you will figure out why during reading.

It was time for the double Valencian GP for the last time of 2020 with the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup. The free practices went great. The conditions were tricky. Fp1 was completely wet. Fp2 was still wet but with some dry parts. And qualifying was almost completely dry… so it was time for slick tires. Unfortunately starting from pit lane, I stopped my bike… so they had to restart it and I was alone. I didn’t get in rush and did my best alone and had a good feeling. Qualified P.15 with close lap times to the front. Happy about that. Race 1 was coming. It was a bit of a rush because we haven’t had a grid. We did the sighting lap and started directly off in the warm up lap and then in the race. I had a wobble in the sighting lap because I touched a wet part… the conditions were crazy. It was dry and wet but with slick tires. And the sun was going down, so we didn’t see a lot. I had a bad start but fought back. I was in the group which was going till P.3. managed to stay on board and finished P.8. Race 2 was dry. I was running in P.12 in a group of about 5 riders. On the straight in lap 2 I had a problem with my bike for a few seconds… it felt like it was going to stop… but then it ran again. I lost the group because of this. While I was pushing really hard and trying to catch them up again, I lost the front in turn 11. I didn’t hurt myself, but I was a bit frustrated because I was doing a good job. So I was happy for having a good pace also in the dry and I was looking forward to the second Valencia weekend.

But then this happened…

We did the covid test on Monday. Luckily, I am negative. But I have been in close contact with a positive covid case. So, this means I will not be able to participate at the last round of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup. I am really sad about this. But the rules are like this and I accept them. 

I would like to say a huge thank you to: Peter Clifford, Gustl Auinger, Dani Ribalta, Marlene Reich, Marianne Cornejo, Joan Guti, Romà Lopez, my helper Filippo Signori, my family and all the other people from the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup. Thank you for another amazing year together! I really hope to see you guys soon again.

Noah #55

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